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AdAware software.
 For cleaning Your computer from annoying adware and spyware.
 FREE and highly recommended.
Quicktime movie player.
 Good alternative for Windows Media Player.
 FREE and recommended.
Screenhunter software.
 Capture pictures easily from Your screen.
 FREE and recommended.
Adobe Acrobat Reader.
 For reading PDF files.
SolidView/Lite STL file viewer
 3D CAD file viewer. Good for viewing and rendering STL files.
Opera browser and E-mail.
 Good alternative for Internet Explorer.
 FREE or small fee for license without advertisement banner.
Stuffit Expander.
 Unpacking software for .zip .sit and many other packed files.
 FREE and recommended.
CutePDF Printer.
 For generating PDF files.
 FREE and recommended.
 Split Large size file for smaller segments.
 FREE or Small fee for huge size files.
Stuffit Standard.
 Packing/unpacking software. Better than Winzip.
 Fee for license.

F-Secure Internet Security.
 Includes virus protection and Distributed Firewall.
 Annual purchase with automatic updates


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